UK VAT Return not extracting any values in simulation mode (Offline VAT Form)


When trying to extract UK VAT Return using the offline form and mode simulation no values are returned. Using function VAT Return(GESVFE) to extract

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    Hi AnneMarie, thank you for your query.
    Based on the information provided, it is difficult to say why you don't get data extracted in the return. We need to understand the full context here such as:

    -X3 version and the patch and well as the Syracuse version,

    -is this your first submission in X3 and if you extracted the data in the past for the company

    -check if the data hasn't been marked in GACCENTRY table

    -have you run before the return in Actual mode for the same period

    -do you get any error in the "Check status" option

    These are just few things to review, however due to its complexity, I encourage you to raise a Support ticket with X3 team so we can advise further.

    I hope it helps. Kind regards,