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ALERT : Migration performance issue on 2023 R1 : For customers having a huge volume of data on STOJOU

We identified a performance issue when upgrading X3 to the 2023R1 release.

It’s related to the utility  STO221212_284313.adx (populate ENTCOD field when it’s empty on STOJOU table from WIPCOST table) that can run a long time on database with huge volume - this utility is used to amend data related to Point In Time functionality.

To avoid this performance issue when upgrading to 2023 R1, replace the STO221212_284313.adx in the patch archive with this one called from the FTP Site.

If you have huge volume on STOJOU, please follow these steps:

  • Edit the ZIP file which is available on the Sage X3 FTP site
  • Go on the directory FILES\ADX
  • Replace the file STO221212_284313.adx by the one which is in this zip file :

Then you can upgrade to the release 2023R1 by using the file you have just updated. 

The target of this new utility is to remove the STOJOU update.    

For those who have a large volume and would like to benefit from this utility, we will provide an optimized utility to be applied manually in the future.