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INFO: New content added in November 2022

New content added to the Sage X3 Knowledgebase. 

To improve the Sage X3 customer and partner support experience, we continuously update and add new content to the Sage X3 knowledgebase and Sage City.

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Here is a list of some of the new knowledge base content related to Sage X3 that was added in November 2022. Please use the search function if you are experiencing a specific issue, or use the article number to find the articles listed below.

Technical Articles

Article Title

Article Number 

When importing folder data, get an incorrect warning "Not enough space in drive" when using remote database


Crystal Reports 2016 end of life


Sort Fields not available in Excel export


Workflow error "The following attachments cannot be attached to the workflow": Line too long


SEI: Excel Add-In is slow to display the login dialogue


Error: Uncaught exception unable to verify the first certificate


Migration procedures take an extended amount of time to complete


ERROR displayed is "WMAUHSTD: Non-existent screen"


ERROR "Could not allocate a new page for database" when importing an SVG into X3 V12 via SafeX3 Console


Extra check when upgrading X3


Latest Blog Posts 

Verifying LDAP connectivity with the Microsoft ldp tool

Performance tuning your Sage X3 system: X3 specific considerations

Performance tuning your Sage X3 system: Migration/Update

Performance tuning your Sage X3 system: X3 Technology Stack

2022R4 introduces support for Azure Elastic Pool Database - installation requires PowerShell 7.2

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