A "Perfect" Case: What info we need from you when logging a Sage X3/ ERP case.

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A "Perfect" Case

The quality of initial information provided when logging a new case is vital and helps us reduce the resolution time significantly.  This helps us to help you more effectively, with the joint aim to assist the customer reach the best solution in the quickest time.

When logging a new case with X3 Support please take these steps:

1.  Make sure you provide sufficient information and explain the due dilligence you have already completed before logging a new case.   To help you gather this information, we have now put together two template documents you you need to complete and provide to us when raising a new case with Sage X3 Support.  

2.  Raise your new case, and attach the completed  template

3. If you have any log files or other documents to upload to the case, remember to ZIP all files into one .zip file for ease of uploading

Additional notes

Whilst the templates attached above contain all the requested information; the sort of information being requested will be:

1. Customer Name: Helps us know your customer.

2. Product Name, Version and Patch level: Helps us investigate relevant code levels and to look for potential future fixes. 

3. A Clear Business Impact: Helps us analyse the urgency of the issue. e.g., frequency, all users or just some, pattern of issue occurring, consistent or intermittent, which environments effected (LIVE/UAT/SEED).

4. A Clear Summary of the Issue: This is the most crucial part when logging a new case. Information MUST include below details in the case summary: 

  • Description of the base issue supported with A Clear Test Case/ Steps to reproduce the issue with Screenshots. 
  • When the problem started to occur?
  • Changes introduced just before the problem started.
  • Is a workaround available and what is the workaround, if known?
  • Details of key customisation within the problem area.

5. System Architecture: When logging a technical case information regarding system architecture is also crucial

  • Virtual or Physical servers?
  • Server name(s)and what Sage X3 components are installed

Sage X3 component versions

  • Sage X3
  • Syracuse
  • Runtime

Technology Component versions

  • SQL Server
  • Windows

As a competent Business Partner and a trained customer, you would have already investigated the issue at first instance. If possible, additional information will help us reduce the duplication of work and we can focus on other potential venues without loosing any more time. Please also provide below information where possible.

1. Any details of pre-work or investigation being done already;

2. References already reviewed such as;

3. Any other general thoughts/ notes / observations/ logfiles and screenshots. Link to Logfiles "How to"

4. Has issue been tested in a SEED environment or on the latest patch? Is a test environment available to test a solution?

All this valuable information you have already gathered can also be imparted to us as an attachment on the case, It will help us resolve your issue quickly and more efficiently. Thank you!!