• ALERT: HMRC Online VAT account withdrawn from 1st November 2022

    HMRC are withdrawing the ability to submit VAT returns by keying data into their online VAT account from 1st November 2022.   From 1st November all VAT returns are required to be submitted using API enabled software.

    Please see below for the details by…

  • ALERT: Changes to VAT on Hospitality, holiday accommodation and attractions in the UK coming into effect 1st of April 2022

    What's changing?

    The temporary UK VAT rate of 12.5% for the hospitality, holiday accommodation and attractions sectors is coming to an end and will revert to the normal standard VAT rate of 20% from 1 April 2022You can find out more about the changes…

  • ALERT: Polish Legislation addon - 2021R4 (12.0.28): JPK_V7 file refused

    After installation of the 2021R4 release, the JPK_V7 file may be refused by the government site.

    The hotfix SRC_XD_271820_hotfix_2021R4.dat has been published to fix the issue.

    The hotfix is available for download from our FTP site  SRC_XD_271820_hotfix_2021R4…

  • ALERT: « EU VAT ID validation » – Error 500

    When validating EU VAT IDs, independent of X3 release, customers get an error 'error 500 Failed to parseField countryCode'. This is due to the change in the VIES service as provided by the European Community.

    This error is going to be fixed…

  • ALERT: 2022 VAT Changes for Austria

    The Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance has issued a modified version of the VAT report form at the end of September 2021.

    The changes are due from January 2022.

    For V12:

    Changes will be delivered in the 2022R2 release.

    They are now available through…

  • ALERT: Spanish Legislation – VAT Register books (V12 and V11)

    Some changes regarding IVA and IRPF have been announced by the Spanish Tax authorities. They are due from January 2022.

    For V12 :

    • they will be delivered in the 2022R2 release
    • they are now available through the service pack "Service Pack -12_0_29 CONSSPLIB…
  • ALERT: From V12 P28 (2021 R4) - SWI Legislation: The Swiss VAT Declaration is now fully managed through the VAT Framework functions

    Swiss Customers will take advantage of the process improvements offered by the new VAT framework to easier and faster generate their tax returns to submit.

     From the V12 P28 (2021 R4) and upper releases

    • The previous Swiss VAT declaration function DCLVATSWI…
  • ALERT: Update to X3 2021R3 (V12 P27) Release note, Finance section, VAT posting

    Please note there has been a mistake in published Finance feature for VAT Framework Posting: "VAT return posting and matching" in Release Notes for 2021 R3.

    The matching was initially considered, but it has been removed from the scope for delivery…

  • ALERT: VAT MTD - Scheduled maintenance

    Upcoming scheduled maintenance notice

    Due to scheduled maintenance the MTD VAT services will unavailable from Saturday 11 September 2021 4:30pm to 2pm Monday 13 September 2021. During this time, you will be unable to access the service.

    This and other…

  • ALERT: E-commerce VAT in the EU is changing

    As of 1 July 2021, there are changes to VAT rules affecting business to consumers (B2C) transactions in the European Union (EU).

    The document attached addresses the following questions and impact on Sage X3:

    • Who is affected?
    • How is Sage making these changes…
  • The Finance Round-Up #3

    Finance Round Up

    Welcome back to the latest instalment of the Finance round up!


    Firstly, although there are no functional updates this time, its worth noting that there are new versions of Syracuse for V11 and PU9. Please check this Alert for…

  • HMRC MTD Issue Reported - UPDATED 18.03.21

    Reported Incident

    Product / Service Impacted

    HMRC – MTD Services

    Reported Impact

    • Customers are receiving an error message stating “Sorry there was an error connecting to HMRC” when creating a new MTD Return

    Next Steps

    • HMRC hope…
  • Post-Brexit description changes for VAT boxes

    HMRC have communicated wording changes to the UK VAT return, effective for submissions on or after the 8th April 2021.  

    These changes are to the labels, i.e. to UI only and does not impact Sage X3 submission files.

    The following wording, as provided…