• ALERT: Syracuse Server Hotfix is available for V12

    Syracuse Server version is now available 

    This version addresses issues when using the Sage X3 Office Add-in (X3-28327)

    - Fields are not selectable in the filter tab

    - Using the Excel sort tool only sorts a single column, not the entire table 

  • INFO: Syracuse Server Hotfix

    From the delivery of  SyracuseServer 12.12 (delivered with 2021 R3 / 12.0.27), you may have experienced an issue with the number of decimals on quantities in the Purchasing and Sales business processes.

    If you experience this issue, please install this SyracuseServer…

  • INFO: MongoDB 4.0.27 & 4.2.16 now available

    Sage recommends that the latest MongoDB version is installed.

    For customers running Sage X3 version 11 or version 12 who are running MongoDB version 4.0 or 4.2, the following updates are available:

    • For MongoDB version 4.0, a new compatible release (mongo…
  • ALERT: Hotfix is available for the Runtime and Adxadmin component (94.1.14)

    - ONLY for 2021 R3 and 2021 R4 releases

    - ONLY if you use Java Bridge Server or VT Web Server

    Please install Runtime 94.1.14 and Adxadmin 94.1.14 to secure the communication between components.

    Runtime 94.1.14

    Adxadmin 94.1.14

    Before applying any Hotfix…

  • INFO : New Online Help documentation in 2021 R4

    We are pleased to announce the following additions to the Online Help in 2021 R4:

    Visual Process Editor

    The end-of-life of flash on December 31, 2020 as announced by Adobe, has resulted in the delivery of a new visual process editor for Sage X3. This new…

  • INFO: X3 Sessions Logs (New function delivered with 2021 R3 release)

    A new function X3 Session Logs (Administration, Usage, Logs, X3 Session logs) has been implemented in the Sage X3 2021 R3 release.

    Enhancing the ability of Sage X3 consultants and administrators to troubleshoot Sage X3 solutions and to analyze architecture…

  • ALERT: Brazilian and Polish legislation Add-ons 2021R3

    We are pleased to inform you that both - Brazilian and Polish legislation packages compliant with the 2021R3 have just been released.

    Please contact your Sage local support if you are using this legislation and require the up-to-date package.

  • Alert : Hotfixes available for Patch Updates function (2021R2 and 2021R3)

    After completing a test update using the test updates option in the updates function (Administration, Utilities, Update, Updates, Test Update)

    The update status will indicate “Success” even if there are errors in the update logs. 

    This issue…

  • ALERT: Eclipse Debugging in a Syracuse Cluster can exhaust Memory and CPU


    A problem has been discovered with memory and CPU consumption when Eclipse Debugging is being undertaken with a multi-server Syracuse cluster.

    This has been identified as an issue when using the Syracuse Load balancer:-

    The Syracuse nanny process…

  • ALERT: 2021 R1 Includes External URL Policies Function.

    An Iframe is a block present in a web page that embeds another HTML page hosted by a web server. Sage X3 2021 R1 includes a new function called External URL policies. This function allows declaring URLs that are allowed in Iframes.

    Any iframe that uses…

  • The Finance Round-Up #5

    Welcome back to the latest edition of the Finance Round-Up blog!


    There have been a couple of significant announcements in this past month; from the HMRC Header Change – which impacts all customers using the Sage X3 MTD feature, to our…

  • ALERT : Planned changes to Platform support for Sage X3 Version 12 (updated in May 2022)

    Please note that a new version of this document was updated in May 2022 .

    This document has been published to provide you with an overview of planned conformance changes for the platform components of Sage X3 version 12.

    In the attached document, you will…

  • ALERT: Sage X3 Version 12 Patch 26 (2021 R2) is now available.

    Version 12 Patch 26 (2021 R2) is now available.

    Please refer to the latest Patch article in https://www.sagecity.com/gb/sage-x3-uk/f/sage-x3-uk-announcements-news-and-alerts/147993/sage-x3-latest-patches

  • NEWS : Release Notes for 2021 R2 (V12 Patch 26) are now available

    The Release Notes for 2021 R2 (V12 Patch 26) are now available as part of the Online Help documentation for X3 V12.

    The Notes include details of

    • What's new in this Release
    • What has changed

    and also

    • Application Read Me
    • Component Read Me

    Click here…

  • NEWS: 2021 R2 (Version 12.0.26) Release Notes for Finance Module

    Please review the new features available below for the Finance Module on the Release notes for 2021 R2 (Version 12.0.26):

    Click on the link to Release notes at the bottom of the page.

    Fixed assets improvements to simulated depreciations

    In the Depreciation…

  • ALERT: X3 Standard Cost Calculation Error in 2021 R1 - HOTFIX Available

    In 2021 R1 (12.0.25) release, user may experience an error when running the Standard Cost Calculation:

    Summary of the issue:

    When 2 components are used in a BOM and these components use the same overhead category, the calculation of standard cost triggers…

  • ALERT: Syracuse 12.10 or later cannot be applied to 2019 R5 (12.0.20) or earlier

    For customers running versions outside the Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy, you need to be very careful when considering patching any of your X3 components in isolation.

    A clear example of this is the latest Syracuse version 12.10 which has been significantly…

  • ALERT: X3 Warehousing functions error In 2021 R1 - HOTFIX Available

    In 2021 R1 release, users may experience issues when clicking on some of the fields in Sage X3 / Sage X3 Warehousing functions GESITF, GESBPC, GESBPS or GESREP.

    The function will be abruptly closed and the session will sometimes be lost.

    A hotfix has…

  • The Finance Round-Up #2

    Welcome back to the second instalment of the Finance round up!

    V11 P19 Released

    Firstly, Sage has recently released Sage X3 Version 11 Patch 19.  You can find links for the latest patches for all versions here.

    Please take a look at the Release…

  • INFO : Sage X3 2021 R1: Updated documentation on New Features

    Please review the link below for documentation on the important new features present in Sage X3 2021 R1 (12.0.25):

    Latest Release Notes : Release Notes for Sage X3 2021 R1.

    Please review the "Changes" Tab as well as the "New" Tab.

  • ALERT: Hotfix for V12.0.25 (2021 R1) now available

    As announced in our previous article "ALERT: Hotfix for V12.0.25 (2021 R1) to be released shortly" this hotfix is now released and available from our FTP site.

    This hotfix is only needed for and relevant to Version 12.0.25  (2021 R1)   It resolves…

  • ALERT: Hotfix for V12.0.25 (2021 R1) to be released shortly

    A new hotfix for Version 12.0.25  (2021 R1)  will be released shortly.

    This  hotfix contains resolutions for 2 issues in 
    Common Data > BPs > Customers  (GESBPC) when saving the Company name 2 (field BPRNAM) :-


    • If the "Company Name 2"  i…
  • ALERT: Sage X3 Version 12 Patch 25 (2021 R1) is now available.

    Version 12 Patch 25 (2021 R1) is now available.

    Please refer to the latest Patch article in https://www.sagecity.com/gb/sage-x3-uk/f/sage-x3-uk-announcements-news-and-alerts/147993/sage-x3-latest-patches

  • ALERT: Version 12 - Hotfix available for Runtime and Adxadmin (93.1.22)

    A new version of the Runtime and Adxadmin component is now available for X3 Version 12

    The Runtime version 93.1.22 and Adxadmin version 93.1.22 addresses the following issue:

    • "Non-existent Label" error in ASYRSUBTAB.adx


    You can download…

  • ALERT: New Flash Component Hotfix for X3 V12 Patch 23 and below

    Reminder: Flash components will be deprecated on all browsers on December 31st.

    Sage strongly recommends updating your Sage X3, Sage X3 HR & Payroll or Sage X3 Warehousing instances to 2020 R4 to benefit from the technical replacement of Flash.