• Sage X3 - Prepayments

    Hi Guys 

    I'm relatively new to Sage and need some help while trying go figure out how to automate my areas as much as possible.

    Can someone please advice if this possible to prepay PO invoice, I only found non po prepayment procedures. Would the recurring…

  • PJM Import template: Possible export?


    PJM project import template is now available in the new Sage X3 release 2022 R2. We noticed that the template uses temporary tables to import projects. The "export" check box has been ticked on the template, have anyone managed to export existing…

  • Sage X3 Add-on for Real Estate

    Hello community,

    Does anyone know of any Real Estate add-on for Sage X3?



  • Sage X3 - Tracking Goods in Transit

    Hi all, 

    Hopefully another quick question, how are companies tracking goods in transit in X3 - is there a feature / status for this, or do we need to go down the route of receipting goods into a goods in transit stock location and then stock transfer…

  • How we can read the link data before loading the screen (especially company)?

    Hi Folks, 

    Can anyone please help me on below? 

    In our customized process we prepare a suggested payment list (Bunch of “Invoice Authorised - Await Suggest” invoices)

    and send it to the user(External User) for approval through the Sage X3 application…

  • lunch FUNMDESA(TRTDESALLM) from script

    Good morning. I need to launch the FUNMDESA function from script, indicating the component itmref.

    I used the following syntax.


    PARBOUT(2) = date$+365
    PARBOUT(3) = '2' #allocazione dettagliata
    PARBOUT(4) = …

  • BP's bank account number construction for UK?

    Hi all,

    I have the case of BRI implementation and they don't use any IBAN accounts, just sort code and bank account number.

    How the account number is constructed?

    Thank you.