• INFO - Flash Deprecation: New Visual Process Editor Updates Document Available

    We are announcing the availability of an additional Visual Process Editor document which describes the updates within release 2020 R4 (12.0.24).

    Please refer to the document "Sage X3 Visual Process Editor.  Changes in 2020 R4" on the Sage FTP…

  • ALERT: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 no longer supported as a browser for Sage X3

    Sage X3 and support for Internet Explorer 11

    Sage X3 Version 12 release 2020 R4 and Sage X3 version 11 Patch 18 has been enhanced to replace previously used Flash technology in a number of Sage X3 components with HTML5

    These HTML5 components are supported…

  • ALERT : Update on the impact of Flash deprecation on PU9 and older versions of Sage X3 products after December

    Flash is used in several functions of Sage X3 for graphical editing.

    In accordance with the Sage X3 lifecycle policy Sage X3 versions 8 and earlier have now reached end of maintenance and as such no patches or hotfixes will be made available.

    Sage X3…

  • ALERT - Flash Deprecation: New Visual Process Editor Available

    Adobe has announced the end of life of the Adobe Flash component as of December 31st 2020. After this date Adobe Flash technology will no longer be supported.

    Sage X3 2020 R3 and 2020 R4 contain the replacement of the Flash technology components used…