• Update on changes to the X3 Sales Team

    Dear Partners, 

    We would like to let you know a forthcoming change to service with our X3 Sales team in the coming months. 

    To allow us to focus on processing your sales more efficiently, we have taken the decision to remove the telephone access route to…

  • NEWS: 2021 R3 (Version 12.0.27) Import performance enhancement

    One of the enhancements made in 2021 R3 was to change the behaviour of Imports - until now, every execution of a data import based on a template generated a temporary script for every import/export template so the preprocessing of the data feed could…

  • ALERT: Changes to VAT on Hospitality, holiday accommodation and attraction in the UK coming into effect 1 October 2021

    From 1 October 2021, the government will introduce a new reduced rate of VAT for hospitality, holiday accommodation and attractions. ​ This is to support businesses with the transition back to the standard rate of VAT (20%) as the UK recovers post lockdown…

  • ALERT: HMRC Taxation Submissions

    Product / Service Impacted

    • HMRC submissions

    Reported Impact

    • We have had reports from customers of HMRC submissions failing with an ‘unavailable at this time’ error being returned.

    Next Steps

    • We have contacted HMRC for confirmation of…
  • Version 12 : 2021 R3 (12.0.27) is now available

    We are pleased to announce that Version 12 : 2021 R3 (12.0.27) is now available for download

    Please refer to "Sage X3 Latest Patches" article at https://www.sagecity.com/gb/sage-x3-uk/f/sage-x3-uk-announcements-news-and-alerts/147993/sage-x3…

  • ALERT: PU9 support phase has now transitioned to "End of Maintenance"

    Sage X3 PU9 is now in "End of Maintenance" phase of support since 1st July 2021    See KB article Id 105518 "Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy" for more details

    You can find details of all the latest patches and support status on our "Sage…

  • INFO : New PatchFinder for Sage X3 Version 11 and below available

    A new version of the PatchFinder for Versions 11 and below is now available from our FTP downloads site. The archive is called OutilPatch_2021_06_10.zip.

    This version includes details up to PU9 Patch 12 and V11 Patch 20.

  • ALERT: Sage X3 Version 11 Patch 20 is now available

    Sage X3 Version 11 Patch 20 is now available

    Please refer to the latest Patch information at this link: V11 Latest Patch information 

  • ALERT : Planned changes to Platform support for Sage X3 Version 12 (updated on 27th May)

    Please note that a new version of this document was posted on 27th May.

    This document has been published to provide you with an overview of planned conformance changes for the platform components of Sage X3 version 12.

    In the attached document, you will…

  • ALERT: Patch Finder 2021 R2 is now available

    Patch Finder 2021 R2 is now available with a new  "Technical Components" tab.

    You can now download the new PatchFinder (PatchFinder-1.0.7-win-x64) containing new JSON files for the 2021 R2 release from the Sage X3 FTP Site.

    A new tab, "Technical components…

  • INFO : Latest MongoDB Support Information

    Please note that from April 2021, MongoDB version 3.6 is at the end of life support phase.  

    More detailed information about MongoDB current and supported versions can be found on the MongoDB Support Policy Page.

    Information about supported Mongo DB versions…

  • INFO: Announcing the availability of Sage Enterprise Intelligence 2021 R1

    Sage are proud to announce the release of version 2021 R1 of Sage Enterprise Intelligence

    It is recommended for you to consider upgrading to this latest version of SEI to get the full benefit from your investment

    Please review the SEI Release Notes for…

  • NEWS: 2021 R2 (Version 12.0.26) Release Notes for Distribution & Manufacturing Module

    Please review the new features available below for the Distribution & Manufacturing Module on the Release notes for 2021 R2 (Version 12.0.26):

    Click on the link to Release notes at the bottom of the page


    Sage X3 Automated Data Collection…

  • ALERT: HMRC Taxation Submissions

    Product / Service Impacted

     HMRC Taxation Submissions

    Reported Impact

    • Tax submissions to HMRC are intermittently sitting in a ‘pending’ state
    • This impacts Personal Tax self-assessments & Corporation Tax returns.

    Next Steps

    As of 1.34pm…

  • ALERT : Hotfix MongoDB is now available.

    MongoDB hotfix is now released and available from our FTP Site

    This Hotfix addresses an issue with the Mongo 4.0 Installer when the Certificate Password contains a dollar-sign ($).

    The Installer displays the following error message:


  • INFO: PU9 enters "End of Maintenance" phase 1st July 2021

    As per "Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy" (https://support.na.sage.com/selfservice/viewdocument.do?externalId=105518) Sage X3 PU9 will enter "End of Maintenance" phase of support on 1st July 2021

    Once a version of Sage X3 enters the End of…

  • ALERT: Syracuse Server Hotfixes are now available for V12 and V11

    ALERT: Syracuse Server Hotfixes are now available for V12 and V11 

    Syracuse Server version and Syracuse Server version 

    The Syracuse hotfixes contain fixes for issues:

    -Excel export does not work from a dashboard (X3-236950…

  • ALERT: V11 Syracuse and PU9 Syracuse

    Please refer to the Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy for information on the different Sage X3 versions' support status. Syracuse hotfixes that apply to the maintained versions, releases, and patch levels:

    The latest Syracuse releases are only certified with…

  • INFO : How do I obtain the Installation Media for Sage Intelligence for Sage X3?

    If you need to obtain a copy of the Installation Media for Sage Intelligence (SI), including Documentation, please raise a Case via Incident Management to request the appropriate archive - please ensure that the Version Number of the existing SI Installation…

  • INFO : Sage X3 2021 R1: Updated documentation on New Features

    Please review the link below for documentation on the important new features present in Sage X3 2021 R1 (12.0.25):

    Latest Release Notes : Release Notes for Sage X3 2021 R1.

    Please review the "Changes" Tab as well as the "New" Tab.

  • ALERT: Hotfix for V12.0.25 (2021 R1) now available

    As announced in our previous article "ALERT: Hotfix for V12.0.25 (2021 R1) to be released shortly" this hotfix is now released and available from our FTP site.

    This hotfix is only needed for and relevant to Version 12.0.25  (2021 R1)   It resolves…

  • ALERT: Hotfix for V12.0.25 (2021 R1) to be released shortly

    A new hotfix for Version 12.0.25  (2021 R1)  will be released shortly.

    This  hotfix contains resolutions for 2 issues in 
    Common Data > BPs > Customers  (GESBPC) when saving the Company name 2 (field BPRNAM) :-


    • If the "Company Name 2"  i…
  • ALERT: Version 11 - Hotfix for Syracuse (

    A new hotfix for Version 11 Syracuse has just been released

    This Syracuse hotfix contains resolutions for the following issues as well as the fixes embedded in the Syracuse Hotfix:
    • EDI SIHEDICOM - Blanks at the beginning and end of…
  • ALERT : Update on the impact of Flash deprecation on PU9 and older versions of Sage X3 products after December

    Flash is used in several functions of Sage X3 for graphical editing.

    In accordance with the Sage X3 lifecycle policy Sage X3 versions 8 and earlier have now reached end of maintenance and as such no patches or hotfixes will be made available.

    Sage X3…

  • ALERT: Version 12 Patch 24 is now available.

    Version 12 Patch 24 is now available.

    Note that this Patch includes additional changes to the new Visual Process Editor which replaces the Flash component.

    Please refer to the latest Patch article in https://www.sagecity.com/gb/sage-x3-uk/f/sage-x3-uk…