• INFO: Syracuse Server Hotfix

    From the delivery of  SyracuseServer 12.12 (delivered with 2021 R3 / 12.0.27), you may have experienced an issue with the number of decimals on quantities in the Purchasing and Sales business processes.

    If you experience this issue, please install this SyracuseServer…

  • ALERT: Eclipse Debugging in a Syracuse Cluster can exhaust Memory and CPU


    A problem has been discovered with memory and CPU consumption when Eclipse Debugging is being undertaken with a multi-server Syracuse cluster.

    This has been identified as an issue when using the Syracuse Load balancer:-

    The Syracuse nanny process…

  • ALERT: Syracuse Server Hotfixes are now available for V12 and V11

    ALERT: Syracuse Server Hotfixes are now available for V12 and V11 

    Syracuse Server version and Syracuse Server version 

    The Syracuse hotfixes contain fixes for issues:

    -Excel export does not work from a dashboard (X3-236950…

  • ALERT: V11 Syracuse and PU9 Syracuse

    Please refer to the Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy for information on the different Sage X3 versions' support status. Syracuse hotfixes that apply to the maintained versions, releases, and patch levels:

    The latest Syracuse releases are only certified with…

  • ALERT: Syracuse 12.10 or later cannot be applied to 2019 R5 (12.0.20) or earlier

    For customers running versions outside the Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy, you need to be very careful when considering patching any of your X3 components in isolation.

    A clear example of this is the latest Syracuse version 12.10 which has been significantly…

  • ALERT: Version 11 - Hotfix for Syracuse (

    A new hotfix for Version 11 Syracuse has just been released

    This Syracuse hotfix contains resolutions for the following issues:

    • Random issue when printing (truncated or empty file)
    • Text editor issue when using > and < symbols

    You can…