• Info: Troubleshooting MTD & Useful Tips (BP Day)

    Check out our latest video on troubleshooting MTD issues using the Last Calls and Sage-rr Debug log.

    The video includes a demonstration on how to use the Last Calls during a successful submission.

    This was part of the presentation intended for the October…

  • ALERT: VAT MTD - Scheduled maintenance, Tuesday 5th October 2021

    Upcoming scheduled maintenance notice

    Due to scheduled maintenance the HMRC VAT MTD service will be unavailable on Tuesday 5th October 2021 from 12pm to 12.30pm. During this time you will be unable to access their online service.

    We will update this alert…

  • ALERT: Update to X3 2021R3 (V12 P27) Release note, Finance section, VAT posting

    Please note there has been a mistake in published Finance feature for VAT Framework Posting: "VAT return posting and matching" in Release Notes for 2021 R3.

    The matching was initially considered, but it has been removed from the scope for delivery…

  • ALERT: HMRC Taxation Submissions

    Product / Service Impacted

    • HMRC submissions

    Current Status

    • HMRC have confirmed that customers may have had difficulty accessing their accounts and using some HMRC services. However, all issues have now been resolved and online services are now performing…
  • ALERT: HMRC Taxation Submissions

    Product / Service Impacted

    • HMRC submissions

    Reported Impact

    • HMRC have confirmed that customers may have difficulty accessing their accounts and using some HMRC services.

    Next Steps

    • HMRC to resolve the issue or provide an update.
    • Technicians to advise…
  • ALERT: BRI legislation - HMRC changes on MTD structure - MANDATORY from July 2021

    HMRC has enforced significant structural changes for the information required in the header record for Making Tax Digital (MTD) submissions, effective July 2021.

    Sage will be making the changes to the submission for the latest releases of  Sage…


    Product / Service Impacted

    The HMRC VAT MTD service was unavailable this morning.

    Reported Impact

    Customers reported receiving an error message stating “Internal Server” error and/or an API error.

    Steps taken

    HMRC have been investigating…

  • HMRC MTD Issue Reported - UPDATED 18.03.21

    Reported Incident

    Product / Service Impacted

    HMRC – MTD Services

    Reported Impact

    • Customers are receiving an error message stating “Sorry there was an error connecting to HMRC” when creating a new MTD Return

    Next Steps

    • HMRC hope…
  • INFO: Useful links on HMRC service availability and issues for MTD submissions

  • INFO: V12 2020 R2 (Version 12.0.22) - VAT returns can now be generated in offline mode (BRI)

    You can now define VAT declarations in offline mode.

    In the VAT form function (GESVEF), select the Offline mode checkbox to create a VAT return without logging in the HMRC website.

    In the VAT return function (GESVFE), you can create a return using an active…

  • ALERT: Unable to submit VAT Return: Start and End dates are not populating

    Please note we have received a number of cases where customers have issues submitting VAT returns to HMRC.

    VAT return start and end dates are not being populated.

    The following X3 Versions/patch levels and Syracuse versions are affected.

    • V11 P14, Syracuse…