• Alert : Hotfixes available for Patch Updates function (2021R2 and 2021R3)

    After completing a test update using the test updates option in the updates function (Administration, Utilities, Update, Updates, Test Update)

    The update status will indicate “Success” even if there are errors in the update logs. 

    This issue…

  • ALERT: Hotfix for Performance Index (AIOBENCH) for 2021 R2 (12.0.26)

    The Performance Index function (AIOBENCH) is a useful performance measurement tool available in Sage X3 and this feature was significantly improved in 2021 R2 (12.0.26)  

    Unfortunatley these improvements have also introduced an unwanted change in the way…

  • NEWS : Release Notes for 2021 R2 (V12 Patch 26) are now available

    The Release Notes for 2021 R2 (V12 Patch 26) are now available as part of the Online Help documentation for X3 V12.

    The Notes include details of

    • What's new in this Release
    • What has changed

    and also

    • Application Read Me
    • Component Read Me

    Click here…

  • NEWS: 2021 R2 (Version 12.0.26) Release Notes for Finance Module

    Please review the new features available below for the Finance Module on the Release notes for 2021 R2 (Version 12.0.26):

    Click on the link to Release notes at the bottom of the page.

    Fixed assets improvements to simulated depreciations

    In the Depreciation…