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INFO : End of maintenance of the JavaBridge component – July 31st 2022

As specified since April 2021 (re-issued in May 2022) Sage-X3-Technical-Planned-Changes.pdf document published in the Sage X3 online help, the Sage X3 JavaBridge will no longer be delivered or supported by Sage from July 31, 2022.

Existing installations of the JavaBridge will keep working, but no new releases will be delivered, and no issues will be fixed. Existing releases of the JavaBridge will still be available for download in the foreseeable future. However, Sage does not guarantee the compatibility of the JavaBridge component with future Sage X3 releases or with oncoming modifications to existing releases such as security hotfixes.

As we have done in the Planned Conformance Changes document, we strongly recommend you plan a transition to other technologies for all customers currently using the JavaBridge. Those include using the REST capability in X3 to connect to external services or to custom services developed as needed.