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ALERT: « EU VAT ID validation » – Error 500

When validating EU VAT IDs, independent of X3 release, customers get an error 'error 500 Failed to parseField countryCode'. This is due to the change in the VIES service as provided by the European Community.

This error is going to be fixed in 2022 R1 through the delivery of a new Syracuse Server version.

Regarding V12, customers upgrading to 2022 R1 will benefit from the fix automatically. Sage is currently evaluating the minimum previous release from which customers could install this new Syracuse Server without risks. 

As for V11, it is currently in a standard maintenance phase and will fall in the extended maintenance phase in January 2022. Sage is evaluating the opportunity to deliver a new Syracuse Server for V11. Customers will have to upgrade to benefit from the fix.

Regarding former releases, they are now at the extended maintenance phase. According to the Life Cycle Policy and considering that this issue is not critical, the fix will not be provided.

Further communication with more information dealing with the V11 fix availability and V12 minimum previous releases compatibility will be available soon.

Meanwhile, we invite you to directly log on the VIES Platform to check the EU VAT ID (