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INFO: New content added to the Sage X3 Knowledgebase in November 2021

New content added to the Sage X3 Knowledgebase. 

To improve Sage X3 customers and partners' support experience, we continuously update and add new content to the Sage X3 Knowledgebase. The Knowledgebase includes articles as well as how-to guides.

We encourage all our customers and partners to visit the knowledge base at the search function if you are experiencing a specific issue.

Here is a list with shortcuts to some of the new Knowledgebase content related to Sage X3 that has been added in October 2021 

Technical Articles

Article Title With Hyperlink

Article Number    
How To specify a generic Send From email address from Workflow Notifications


ERROR "Function not defined for the value given" after patching


Error: "Your connection isn't private" in the browser after technology stack upgrade


Batch server intermittently fails with error "ERROR: Connection to server failed: X3 engine error: Network error! (10054) (10001)"


ERROR: "The input line is too long" when running multiple scripts in Jenkins (ATP)


ERROR: "Error when validating the view" when running folder validation during a migration


ERROR: "You have been disconnected due to inactivity" in an active user session when using Azure Application Gateway


SEI: No license was found. Please contact your administrator to have your license activated.


Sage X3 Right Menu actions are not available on the iPhone


Web service tester returns Error: Resource not found


ERROR: Failed to fetch options when entering/browsing Sites in the new ADC


Finance Articles

Error: ‘@X3.TRT/TRTFASSPL$adx (295) Error 8: Index incorrect OBJREF (100)’ when trying to split a Fixed Asset


How to check PVA configuration for Box 6 


Import template validation error “Action not possible” 


When using the intercompany import journal (GIC), the tax is not being imported 


Open Item Statement Frequency (SOIPER) is not being considered in the UK-STATEMENT report


Manufacturing & Distribution Articles

Table Updated when Sales Invoice created


What happens when a Sales Order is allocated


Error: "$VERF_FAR RECxxxx yy/yy/yy Receipt not posted"


Increasing The Field Size Of Statistical Groups


Latest Blog Posts 

Why Looks Matter! 

What's in a name?

How can I clone a Sage X3 Server

Other Useful Links

Sage X3 Release Notes

Sage X3 Online Help 

Sage X3 Technical Help

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