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INFO : New Online Help documentation in 2021 R4

We are pleased to announce the following additions to the Online Help in 2021 R4:

Visual Process Editor

The end-of-life of flash on December 31, 2020 as announced by Adobe, has resulted in the delivery of a new visual process editor for Sage X3. This new visual process editor has several differences from earlier versions. New features include a simpler user interface, as well as changes to the capabilities of the visual process editor. The key changes are outlined in this document.

This Online Help for Visual Process Editor describes the visual process editor's enhancements that are planned to be delivered with the following Sage X3 versions: 2021 R4 (Version 12.0.28) and 11.0.21


You can use Elasticsearch 7.13 with Sage X3.  See our "V12 latest patches" article for more details

Although Sage X3 is still compatible with previous releases, Sage strongly recommends you install this new version.


The Sage X3 platform runs with Node.js version 14.

Clustered Indexes

The purpose of the Online help for Clustered Indexes is to detail the clustered index presetting delivered in release 2021 R2/version 12.0.26 and the additional clustered indexes delivered in release 2021 R3/version 12.0.27

General Updates

Further information about 2021 R4 can be found in the "What's New" page of Online Help and Release Notes which also gives access to earlier Release.

Please review the Pre Requisites to ensure that all pre-requisites are satisfied - for example, the minimum version of Chrome as recently been updated to 87.

A useful summary of documentation for Technical Features is also available on the Sage X3 Technical Help page.