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INFO: New Technical content added to the Knowledgebase in September 2021

New technical content added to the Sage X3 Knowledgebase. 

To improve Sage X3 customers and partners' support experience, we continuously update and add new content to the Sage X3 Knowledgebase. The Knowledgebase includes articles as well as how-to guides.

We encourage all our customers and partners to visit the knowledge base at the search function if you are experiencing a specific issue.

Here is a list with shortcuts to some of the new Knowledgebase content related to the technical aspects of Sage X3 that has been added in September 2021 

Technical Articles

Article Title With Hyperlink

Article Number
Error: Failed to start: Cannot read property '$key' of null" after ADC install and connection to Handheld URL


Error: Bad Input XML Parameters on Migrated ITM Object Web Service - XITEMREFBPS field


Application Error: WMAUHTD: Non-existent screen


Error: Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server :MAX_PROVS in Console Database Configuration


Worked example to demonstrate how to setup a transfer of Menu Items Administration Data


ERROR: "Cannot set property '$rawV' of undefined" in Year End option


Error: "Cannot read property '$uuid' of null" on X3 batch controllers screen


ERROR: "Login failed for user 'X3'. Connection to server failed" after moving database


ERROR: "The file is too big" when uploading larger photos in Expenses Form Entry


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Other Useful Links

Sage X3 Release Notes

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Sage X3 Technical Help

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