ALERT: X3 Standard Cost Calculation Error in 2021 R1 - HOTFIX Available

In 2021 R1 (12.0.25) release, user may experience an error when running the Standard Cost Calculation:

Summary of the issue:

When 2 components are used in a BOM and these components use the same overhead category, the calculation of standard cost triggers an unexpected error:
"Transaction stopped xxxxxx Nature of O/H : xxx"

A hotfix has been released to resolve this issue in the affected version (2021 R1). To obtain the hotfix, please contact your local support team, referencing "X3-234256" in your request for the hotfix or download from the Sage FTP site.

Please apply the hotfix WX_235604_R090_025 (Compatible only with 2021 R1 where the issue is experienced)

Affected version is 2021 R1 (12.0.25).