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ALERT : Update on the impact of Flash deprecation on PU9 and older versions of Sage X3 products after December

Flash is used in several functions of Sage X3 for graphical editing.

In accordance with the Sage X3 lifecycle policy Sage X3 versions 8 and earlier have now reached end of maintenance and as such no patches or hotfixes will be made available.

Sage X3 Product Update 9 is currently in Extended (Lifeline) maintenance and Sage has no plans to deliver patches or hotfixes except for Level 0 hotfixes. 

For more details on the implications, please read the Document: X3 Flash Replacement Update for Sage X3 versions PU9 and earlier.pdf

If you are still using one of these older versions of Sage X3 we strongly recommend that you look to upgrade to the latest version of Sage X3 – Version 12 - as soon as possible to ensure continued support and innovation.