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ALERT: Syracuse 11.24.1 released with new revised Visual Process Editor display component

Hotfix to address visual process editor display in V11 Patch 18 Released.

With Syracuse version 11.23 which was recently released with V11 Patch 18, a critical issue was found this resulted in any images or icons that were inserted with links into the visual process editor to disappear from the landing page leaving a blank space.

For Example 

A Syracuse web server Hotfix version has been released to address the issues reported with the Visual Process Editor and display component.

This is available on the Sage FTP Site in the following location  \SageX3\X3V11\Syracuse\

You will need to install this Syracuse release as well as the following application-level patches.

If your application is V11 Patch 18, install &

If your application patch level is 11.0.15, 11.0.16 or 11.0.17, install & aswell as &

These patches are available on the Sage FTP Site in the location \SageX3\X3V11\Patches

Sage recommend testing all patches before implementing in a live environment