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ALERT: Flash Components used in Sage X3 Version 11

As communicated earlier this year, Adobe has announced the end of life of the Adobe Flash component as of December 31st 2020. After this date Adobe Flash technology will no longer be supported.  Sage strongly recommend upgrading to patch 18 before December 31st 2020.

Sage X3 V11.0.18, including Syracuse Web Server 11.23, contains the Flash Replacement technical components.   As always, you should review the edit your Visual Processes on a test instance before deploying on a production instance, especially if you use customised Visual Processes

Please read the "Flash deprecation - 11.0.18 announcement" document available from our FTP site for more details ( deprecation - 11.0.18 announcement.pdf )

If your Sage X3 application patch level is lower than 11.0.18 (V11 P18), you need to do the following:

  • From V11.0.15 (and higher): You can upgrade your Syracuse Web Server to 11.23 and install the two Flash component Hot Fixes ( and   This will provide a temporary solution until you are able to update your X3 instance to patch 18.  These hotfixes are available from our FTP site
  • Below V11.0.15:  Please contact your Support team.

Additional note: Some additional features and bug fixes will be delivered in a later release of Syracuse Web Server in mid-November