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ALERT: Avoid deleting completed VAT submissions

We have come across a case, where completed VAT submissions have disappeared from the left list on the VAT returns function. The left list shows previously submitted VAT
returns by VAT group.

After investigating the issue, it has come to light that the completed VAT submissions were mistakenly deleted, however in order to do so, the user will have to follow very specific steps and will be given ample opportunity to cancel the deletion.

For more information on the steps taken to delete the completed VAT submission, please view the link to the KB article addressing this issue;

Avoid Deleting Completed VAT Submissions ID:106154

Please note the image below, this is the confirmation screen you will encounter upon selecting delete. You can identify which VAT submission is being deleted by the VAT declaration number which is displayed as Delete Key. At this point clicking the X to close or the X to cancel will prevent deletion.

NOTE: This affects versions U9, V11 and V12