REMINDER: Sage X3 Support Lifecycle transitions 1st July 2020

As of 1st July 2020 the following transitions in support lifecycle status take effect:

  • Sage X3 V6, V7 and PU8 transitions from “Lifeline” to “End of Maintenance”
  • Sage X3 V11 transitions from “Current” to “Standard”

Customers with valid support contracts can still raise new cases with Sage X3 Support team for those products in “End of Maintenance” phase and receive access to existing patches, knowledge center, online help, as well as reasonable endeavours support to help identify issues or problems raised.   You may also wish to consider migrating to the latest version of Sage X3 in order to receive the benefits and additional support this latest version provides

Whilst talking about the Support Lifecycle, I'll also mention that Sage X3 PU9 transitions from “Lifeline” to “End of Maintenance” in 365  days (1st July 2021)

Additional information on product lifecycle is available in the UKI Sage X3 Support Handbooks