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INFO - 2020 R1 Update : Important Enhancements

Announcing three important Enhancements in X3 V12.0.21 / 2020 R1 Update:

  • Easy Update - Enhancement: New parameter SUP>PRF>LAUNCHSYNC to disable Window validation at the end of the update process

This update contains an important enhancement to the Update feature: It is now possible, via a new General Parameter defined at Folder level, to disable the lengthy Window validation process that runs at the end of an Update and typically takes a lot of time:

LAUNCHSYNC = No - disables Window validation.

This saves up to hours on the update process, and will cause the first user who logs into a Window that was modified to experience the "Window synchronisation" message for a few seconds. This impacts only one user, and only once, the first time that Window is used.

LAUNCHSYNC = Yes - enables window validation.

This launches Window validation at the end of the update process.

NOTE: The LAUNCHSYNC parameter is set to No by default on all new SEED and reference folders, starting from 12.0.21. Folders upgraded/migrated from previous versions will retain previous behaviour as this parameter will be set to Yes by default.

We are committed and will continue the effort to optimize the update (patching) process and make it quicker and more manageable for our partners.

  • Default Authoring in the classic Dictionary

Until now, in V12, standard windows were delivered with a default Authoring defined in the Web Server, whether fields should be stacked, arranged in columns etc.

Partners or customers who wish to change this would have to modify the standard Syracuse authoring, which caused conflicts with standard deliveries. In some extreme cases, partners had to redo the complete authoring.

We have heard the feedback from our partners, and we have decided to implement the default authoring information directly in the standard Screen and Windows Dictionary (GESAWI, GESAMK) which will make it much more manageable. The fields that manage this have been delivered in this release (2020 R1). The actual data will be delivered in the future release.

When a screen has a Syracuse authoring, that one will take precedence. If not, the default authoring will be applied from the classic dictionary.

Watch this space for more details on this new feature.

  • Deprecation of the script archive and ARCHGENTRT function

The Script archive mechanism (atx.ind) is no longer used starting Runtime 92 (Which was delivered with Sage X3 2019 R5). This is now replaced by a cache mechanism native to the Sage X3 Runtime.

As a consequence, the ARCHGENTRT function (Archive Generation) in Sage X3 is now deprecated. The function will disappear in a future release.