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ALERT: 2019 R5 (V12.0.20) and 2020 R1 (V12.0.21)

Important Application Patch for Sage X3 2019 R5 (12.0.20) or 2020 R1 (12.0.21).

This is an important update to resolve the previously reported issue with missing text if a system is installed without FRA or ENG as the first Language See Article.

Hotfixes for installed systems

If you have already installed 2020 R1 or 2019 R5 releases and you experienced the issue, please install the appropriate hotfix:

  • Install Hotfix with easypatching function:
    • for 2020 R1(12.0.21)
    • for 2019 R5(12.0.20)
  • Go to GENMSKTRT function (Development/utilities/Dictionary/Transcation generation) and revalidate all transactions for each module.

Updates to Installation Media

If you have not carried out the installation of 2020 R1 (V12.0.21), then download the following new versions of the Application which superceeds the original version - please refer to the 2020 R1 (V12.0.21) Patch Article for version information.

Sage X3 12.0.21


Patch and Component Documentation


Please review the information in the patch documentation, which you will find in the extracted ZIP file. You will find the installation instructions and the list of fixes. For further information on the fixes contained in all patches, including this patch, see our new Version 12 specific Patchfinder utility.

NOTE: The DVD images have also been refreshed as at Version 12.0.21, you can download ISO Images of the full installation media from our FTP site (See "")

UKI Customers and Business Partners can download V12 patches and documentation from the Sage X3 FTP site