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Sage X3 Product Update 9 (April 2021)

Sage X3 Patch Update 9 : Latest patch Information 

Patches provide the latest updates for enhancements, stability and performance of your system, and are firmly recommended for all Sage X3 Patch Update 9 (PU9) customers.  This document lists the latest X3 patches and Technology patches for Sage X3 PU9

PU9 is currently in "End of Maintenance" phase of support since 1st July 2021  (See KB article Id 105518 "Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy" for more details)

Make sure to read any included documentation, README and Release Notes.See Note [1]

Sage X3 Patch File name
Patch 9.0.12

NOTE: These latest technical components are only compatible with the latest patch (X3 PU9 patch 12)   All technical components must be applied together

Technology Components File Name
Syracuse:  **Mandatory See Note [4] and [7]
Runtime 9.118.904  **Mandatory
AdxAdmin 93.2.53 **Mandatory  See Note [5]
MongoDB 3.6.14 **Mandatory See Note [6]
Elasticsearch-1.6.1   See Note [3]
Print server **Mandatory
Console **Mandatory
VT Server **Mandatory (if installed)
Java Bridge Server (223)  **Deprecated


[1] Please review the patch documentation, which you will find in the extracted ZIP file. You will find the installation instructions and the list of fixes. For further information on the fixes contained in all patches, including this patch, see our Patchfinder utility (note patch finder no longer has the update function so with each new patch release you will need to download a new release of patch finder that will be made available on the FTP Site).

[2] Sage UKI Customers and Business Partners can download all patches and documentation from the Sage X3 FTP site

[3] Sage strongly recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Elastic Search that is certified.  The licensing of Elastic Search has changed: Sage will not deliver the Elastic Search setup in future deliveries on our official media for on-premise Customers. Partners and customers will have to download the setup files when deploying Sage X3. You can download the latest version of Elastic Search that is certified with Sage X3 PU9 from

[4] Review the guidelines discussed in the document "Node.js web server recommendations" to help you configure and tune Syracuse to meet your performance and stability needs

[5] AdxAdmin is now the same across all X3 versions (PU9, V11 and V12)

[6] Note that MongoDB 3.6 is end of life from April 2021 further information can be found on the MongoDB support policy page

[7] This Syracuse version includes the MTD update for July 2021.  See the MTD update alert for any additional X3 application patch requirements