Balancing allowance Higher CO2 Omission car

I am trying find yes or no answer to my question which is as follows:

I want to know if balancing allowance is available to a higher omission car purchased in July 2008 and sold in July 2018

the tax written down value of this high price was much more than £12,000 and CO2 omission is also very high

I have its Tax Written down value at the date of disposal, tax year 2018-19 of this car is £23,000 and it was sold for £4,500 thus 

resulting in balancing allowance of £18,500. What I need to know is whether this balancing allowance is available to be used

against taxable income for the year 2019-20 ? Bearing in in mind the car was purchased prior to April 2009 and five years

have already passed. There is private use of the car and the income derives from sole proprietor's business.

Any answer will oblige