How to deal with Capital Gain Relief codes

From the 2014/15 tax year, HMRC requires a relief code to be entered on the SA108 when claiming a relief from capital gains tax.

How do I enter this in the software?

In the Disposals data entry section, select the relevant claim to ensure the capital gain is reduced. Once you have finished completing the data entry section, as the last stage of your work the code can be entered directly into the return.

  1. Select the return icon or select “Current working figures” to open the tax return.
  2. From the list of tasks on the left hand side, select “Copy return for editing”.
  3. Enter the relevant code into box 22, on page CG2 of the SA108.
  4. The return can now be finalised and submitted to HMRC.

What code should I use?

You can choose the relevant code for your client’s circumstances from the table below:

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