• Get the most out of Sage 50 Accounts and Sage Practice Solutions

    In Sage 50 Accounts you can post an invoice, which can be imported into Sage Practice Solutions as ‘non-wip’ based. Therefore, if you have any recurring invoices that you need to post, that will be ‘non-wip’ based, you can set up recurring invoices in…

  • How do you change the invoice number for your invoices in SPS?

    It's not possible to change the invoice number in Sage Practice Solutions, it has to be done in Sage 50 Accounts.

    This can be done by going to:

    Settings > Invoice and Order Defaults > Options, and you’ll be able to change the invoice number here.…

  • If you've created 100 customer records in Sage Practice Solutions - how do you get them across to Sage 50 Accounts without inputting information again?

    You can import clients into Sage 50 Accounts from Sage Practice Solutions by going into:

    Tools > Time and Fees > Sage 50 Accounts, and then client mappings.

    You can import clients from Sage 50 Accounts into SPS, by going into:

    Tools > Time and Fees…

  • When using Client Integration, which programmes should you create your clients in?

    We'd suggest creating them in Sage Practice Solutions, and then you can link them, and create them in Taxation, Sage Accounts Production Advanced, and also Sage Accounts Production.

    Although you can import any clients you currently have in other programmes…