• Updating clients to the latest master

    To update a client dataset to the latest master format, the latest master itself must first be installed. Masters are installed when the software is updated and opened the first time.

    You need to ensure you are using the latest master to ensure your clients…

  • Changing a year end date in Sage Accounts Production

    If you need to change the year end date in Sage Account Production for your client(s), there's a handy guide to take you through the process.

    Tip: If you don't need it now, why not bookmark it so you can access it easily when needed?

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  • Sage Accounts Production (SAP) - A video overview

    Video overview of Sage Accounts Production (SAP) to help you generate year end statutory accounts:

  • Importing data from Sage Accounts Production into Sage Corporation Tax

    If you want to import data from Sage Accounts Production, or Sage Accounts Production Advanced, into Sage Corporation Tax you can do so with the following steps >

  • New release of Sage Accounts Production (SAP)

    The Latest version of SAP (v21.0)  is now available. Improvements include:

    • FRC 2021 taxonomy suite added into Sage Assisted Tagging (SAT)

    • FRC 2014 taxonomy suite SWITCH OFF

    • Average number of employees note

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  • Confirmation email when accounts eFiled via SAP and accepted by Companies House

    It would be very useful if the software generated an email to the eFiling email address within the software when the accounts which have been eFiled via SAP have been accepted at Companies House. This would mean that you wouldn't have to keep logging…