• Currently have V19 payroll but need to reinstall as comp needed mending and my sage account only showsV17

    How do I get the latest version of save instant (V19)?  My sage account only showing me latest as V17.....any ideas? 

  • Process employee holidays

    You can use Sage Instant Payroll to keep track of your employees' holidays. You can enter their annual entitlement, in days, and then record any holidays they've taken on the employer diary.

    Find out more

  • FPS error

    I keep getting the following error when trying to submit my FPS for period one 2021/22

    the gross earnings for nic ytd is less than the minimum  permissible value of 0

    I phoned the help desk and rolled back an employee (new starter) selecting p46 in their…

  • Sage Instant Payroll support bulletin - February edition

    The February edition of the Sage Instant Payroll Support Bulletin is now available. Topics this month include:

    • Payroll year end 2021
    • Cyclical re-enrolment
    • The Job Retention Scheme
    • RTI submissions health check
    • And much more...

    You can read the latest…

  • The Database Could Not Be Accessed. Backup Failed.


    I have been having issues with taking backups prior to Step 6 Finish Payroll for over a year.

    Before the backup can complete the error message "The Database could not be accessed. Backup failed." appears.

    When I first reported this to…

  • Upgrade to Sage 50cloud Payroll

    Using Sage Instant Payroll, you can process and pay up to ten employees.   

    If you need to pay more than ten employees or, you’re looking for extra features and a different way to process your payroll, Sage 50cloud Payroll could be the answer!  

    Sage 50cloud…

  • Common questions in January

    To get the new year off to the best possible start, we’ve gathered together the most common questions that you ask us at this time of year, including:

    • Correcting mistakes
    • Removing payments
    • Processing sick pay
    • Setting up holiday schemes

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  • Sage Employee Benefits

    Sage Employee Benefits is a package of products and services that bring additional benefits to your employees over and above their salary. These include access to online GP appointments in minutes, savings and discounts across hundreds of retailers, cinemas…

  • Upgrade to Sage 50cloud Payroll

    Using Sage Instant Payroll, you can process and pay up to ten employees.   

    If you need to pay more than ten employees or, you’re looking for extra features and a different way to process your payroll, Sage 50cloud Payroll could be the answer!  

    Sage 50cloud…

  • Coronavirus - Job Retention Scheme

    The Government has announced that under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme; all UK employers can access support to continue paying part of their employees' salaries for those employees that would otherwise have been laid off during this crisis.

  • Budget news - Sage Instant Payroll

    The Government have announced that they will release a Budget later than normal this year, on 11 March 2020. This means you'll receive your Sage Instant Payroll  software update after the Budget announcement.

    Why not bookmark our handy plan ahead g…

  • How? Auto Enrolment from 1 August you must include your employees' pensionable earnings?

    Hi All,

    I have received an email from The People's Pension (our AE provider) saying "it looks like you've either not providing your earnings to us or you've not matched the column during the file upload.  For pay periods from 1 August…

  • Webinars to improve your processes and save you time

    If you are a SageCover Extra member don't forget to check out the various webinars we have available for you to watch in the community which could save you so much time! These cover a range of processes and tasks such as Running reports, Emailing payslips…

  • ODBC Microsoft Access Driver Login Failed'

    I cannot print any reports or wage slips as I keep getting this message. I have tried system restore to an earlier period but no solution. can anyone help today?
  • Instant payroll calculating wrong payments

    Updated payroll two days ago. Came to do payroll today and get message negative pay amount,go to maintain pay reimput gross pay but  no calculations are updated

  • Director ni in week 52 is not correct on table method


    I have posted my week 52 figures got a message saying the directors ni would be recaluculated as he was on the table method, itt said there was no ni to pay, its usually around £80.  I send in my submission thinking everything was ok, gone online…

  • I've forgotten my password for Instant Payroll

    I've forgotten my password for Instant Payroll - how can I get it?

  • How do I confirm a pensions data export in Sage Instant Payroll?

    After much stress I have finally managed to send my enrolment file to NEST, but for some reason when I go back to confirm the export it is greyed out as if the export hasn't been done! If I click on the export data bit again it still shows the same report…

  • Employee and employer pension contributions

    I have set employee and employer pension contributions both to 1%, but Sage Instant Payroll seems to use a different figure for its calculations. For example, an employee earns £1575.34 per month, Sage calculates the employee contribution as £8.71 and…
  • How do I stop Sage Instant Payroll Printing Two Payslips for each Employee?

    I use Sage Payroll slips A4 2 per page. Until recently they printed 2 separate employees per page. I am now getting 2 payslips for the same employee on the same A 4 Sheet. Can't find a way to resolve the issue and stop wasting Payslips.

  • E-banking in Sage Payroll

    To help save time and improve accuracy when paying your employees, you can use the e-Banking option within Sage 50 Payroll and Sage Instant Payroll.

    With e-Banking, after you’ve updated your payroll you can create a single payment file for all of your…

  • Emailing payslips via Sage Instant Payroll


    Can anyone help - is there an option to email payslips using Sage Instant payroll?



  • New Employee with existing Pension Policy??

    Hi, How would I process a new employee with an existing Pension Policy into my payroll and FPS? The employee's policy holder is Legal & General and we use NEST.  Bit confused on the whole situation.

  • I have been sent an amended AEO how do I amend the one already set up please

    I have an AEO already on the system for the same employee, and I have been sent an amended one with the same reference but a higher amount, how do I go about this please?

  • Employer NI with regards to salary control journal entries.

    When posting is it CR employers NI and DR inland revenue control acct?