• Currently have V19 payroll but need to reinstall as comp needed mending and my sage account only showsV17

    How do I get the latest version of save instant (V19)?  My sage account only showing me latest as V17.....any ideas? 

  • Coronavirus antigen test - processing payments

    The UK Government have announced that payments made in advance, or reimbursed, by the employer for a coronavirus antigen test are free of tax and national insurance (NI). Find out how to process these payments in Sage Instant Payroll.

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  • The Database Could Not Be Accessed. Backup Failed.


    I have been having issues with taking backups prior to Step 6 Finish Payroll for over a year.

    Before the backup can complete the error message "The Database could not be accessed. Backup failed." appears.

    When I first reported this to…

  • No Access to work email


    I'm hoping that someone can help, i've trawled the internet but cant seem to find an answer. 

    I am set up to receive my payslips through my works email address, I've forgotten my password and due to the company being in financial difficulty…

  • Help Centre improvements - You asked, we listened!

    We know now, you need to be able to find answers easier and have the relevant information at your fingertips, at the right time. We’ve listened to your feedback and have based our latest Help Centre improvements with that in mind.

    To introduce the…

  • Sage Instant Payroll support bulletin archive

    With Customer Support news, we keep you up to date with the latest news about your Sage product including software updates, new features, legislation changes as well as tips to help you get the most from your software.
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  • October Support Bulletin - Out now!

    The October issue of the Support Bulletin is now available. Topis in this edition include:

    • Error corrections
    • Processing leavers
    • Job Support Scheme (JSS)
    • Employment Allowance (EA)
    • Common payroll queries
    • Sage City

    You can catch up with a copy here >…

  • Help at your fingertips

    In these difficult times, we remain focused on providing you with excellent service and support and we thank you for your continued loyalty.
    Don't forget, whatever your query, our fantastic Help Centre is just a click away. That's also the place to…
  • Sage Instant Payroll news - June edition - out now!

    The June edition of Sage Instant Payroll support newsletter is now available, and includes the following topics:

    • New knowledgebase is now online - check it out.
    • Changes to employment allowance
    • Pensions - time to re-enrol?
    • Coronavirus Job Retention Sch…
  • Issue with old employee data from when I joined back in 2014 but never used.

    I must have tried out Sage Payroll back in 2014 just to see if I could do it myself. I added 2 employees to the system then must have gave up. We used an accountant instead. I decided again to subscribe and do our own Payroll. I am now having issues with…