Final EPS not showing Apprenticeship Levy


I have successfully sent the last FPS for the Tax Year 2017/18 after all the issues with the Government Gateway and now I was going to process the final EPS for the year.

As it happens, this month I have SMP and SAP deductions and also I have to include in the EPS the monthly payment for Apprenticeship Levy (as in previous months).

Should I send one EPS to HMRC with the SMP/SAP and Apprenticeship Levy information using the EPS option in e-submissions as every month and then send a second EPS with the Year End check using the Year end Process?

I have checked the information shown on screen before sending and using the WPS option in e-submissions the Year end check is shown as "No", but using the EPS option in Year end I don't get figures for SMP/SAP and the value for Apprenticeship Levy is shown as "n/a".

I would appreciate any help on this.

With Thanks