• Sage Payroll for a company using SAGE 200

    What SAGE payroll package can i use with sage 200, company has around 1000 employees and does monthly payroll.
  • National Insurance Rebate

    A member of staff has requested a rebate on their national insurance. They went over the threshold in month 1 and have been under during the following months. I've never had a refund requested previously, please can someone advise. Thanks in advance…
  • Disguised remuneration loan charge

    We are obliged to report outstanding disguised remuneration loans through RTI in April 2019 as 2018/19 income. Does anyone know how I can do this in Sage Payroll? Thanks
  • Online payslips

    Trying to set up online payslips in Manage Employees. I have entered all email addresses and selected all staff but not being allowed to SAVE changes - any suggestions? Thanks
  • Payroll Reports

    Hi, I started a new job this month and am also new to Sage payroll, can you please guide me through how I can print the month end payroll reports to enable me to raise a journal for input to sage. There was a leaver in December and when I go onto…