• Handling HMRC Tax Calculation Letters

    Have you or your employee received an HMRC tax calculation letter? These letters, also known as a P800 or a Simple Assessment letter, are issued by HMRC to employees who have either paid too much or too little tax by the end of the tax year (5 April…
  • Urgent help to migrate from HMRC Basic PAYE tools to Sage Payroll

    Can anyone help. I have exported from HMRC PAYE tools, do I just import into Sage?
  • Online submissions to HMRC.

    When HMRC introduced Real Time Information ( RTI ) back in 2013 it meant the way you process and report your payroll changed quite significantly. Although RTI has now been around for a while, we know you may still have questions about what must be submitted…
  • Disguised remuneration loan charge

    We are obliged to report outstanding disguised remuneration loans through RTI in April 2019 as 2018/19 income. Does anyone know how I can do this in Sage Payroll? Thanks