• Does Sage support using an employees main usersname and password for viewing payslips

    Where possible, instead of our staff having to remember another password, we have them use the same username and password they use for everything else by leveraging a widely-used technology called SSO (Single Sign-On)

    Does the Sage payroll portal support…

  • Accountant Details on Online Payslips Invite


    So I have added an client subscription for Payroll.

    When I have invited their employees to Online Payslips, it includes the employer name, then beneath that my email address and phone number.

    The email address and phone number on there is only for clients…

  • Idenitifying Benefits in Kind

    Sage currently doesn't clearly identify which items on a payslip are payrolled benefits in kind and this frequently confuses staff. Can this been added? Has anyone found a good work around for this?