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I have had several staff members come in to work today after receiving notification from HMRC that they have underpaid tax of £50.80 for the year 21/22 and asking for payment - Pretty sure these are genuine HMRC letters.  I have never had this in 20 years of running sage payroll, and certainly seems weird that they are the same amount (Employees all earning differing salaries).  Any ideas, or has anyone else had same issue?

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    If this is in regard to Sage Business Cloud payroll, have all your FPS and EPS submissions been completed successfully in the program? if so there shouldn't be any discrepancy, you can download your detailed report from each payrun, your P32 reports for each period from within your "payruns" tab in the program (click into each payrun and the detailed report will be at the top of the page, and the p32 report report should be located in the bottom left of the completed payrun screen. You can then take these and query the calculation with HMRC.

    You can also view more guides available on our help centre here;



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    thanks you for your response.  I have now worked out the problem.  we had a week53! no allowance had been left out of the year although the system automatically gives an allowance per week.  so then HMRC are requesting it back, some not so happy employees have been given a bonus this week to cover their bills!