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Sage Business Cloud Payroll does not support producing a simple excel file to post employees’ contribution pension data to the ‘Peoples Pension’ whereas, when using the old now cancelled ‘Sage Instant Payroll’ did and was a simple task to generate the pension contribution data details. We called the Peoples Pension to discuss this issue only to be told that Sage’s Business Cloud Payroll generates a ‘PAPDIS’ file which is totally incompatible with Peoples Pension systems. So begs the question why did Sage even add the option to select the ‘Peoples Pension’ as an option within Sage Business Cloud Payroll ? – totally pointless as it generates a file which they know is incompatible. Having spent over three hours waiting to discuss these issues with Sage technical support, to be cut off after 60 minutes we then arranged two call backs and scheduled a training session where we were informed that a ‘change manager’ as Sage had mentioned it might be on a wish list at some point in the future. . . The support technician then went onto blame the ‘People Pension’ for not wishing to working with Sage three years ago . . . what was such a simple task now complicated and technically backward step using Sage s/w 2022

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    At present you are unable to upload the PAPDIS file to the peoples pension directly, our developers are aware of this however we are unable to advise of a time frame for when they will accept the file, this would need to be entered manually with your pension provider at this time. 

    You can also view more guides available on our help centre here;

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