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I have 3 employees who have since left our company but were entitled to Special Recognition Payment during the covid-19 pandemic.

My Sage payroll licence covers up to 25 employees.  I currently have 23 employees.  I had to 're-employ' 2 of the 3 leavers to enable me to pay them.  I have now marked these 2 employees as leavers but I cannot add the third employee to pay them as it says I have reached my limit.

How do I get round this?  I don't want to have to purchase extra on the licence as these payments are one off!



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    If they are going to be active employees (even for one period) you would need to upgrade your subscription in order to process this, after you have processed and the employees have left you can take the subscription back down via your  subscription settings. This will generate a prorata charge for the time used on the higher package. 

    You can also view more guides available on our help centre here;


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