• Migrating Payroll

    I thought I would reserve my first post for what I am sure is a silly question.

    When setting up employees in Sage Business Cloud Payroll I am asked if they have paid tax this year. We have three employees two of which have paid NI but not paid tax. 


  • Sage Payroll for a company using SAGE 200

    What SAGE payroll package can i use with sage 200, company has around 1000 employees and does monthly payroll.

  • Sageone payroll - autoenrolment calculation on wrong percentages

    Our pension contributions are based on entire pay, not on qualifying earnings.  The TPR says that the minimum contribution is 7%

    However Sage is requiring me to put in contributions to total to 8%.  I have the pension set up as based on pensionable earnings…

  • Working patterns

    To help accommodate employees that may have flexible working arrangements, you can use Sage One Payroll to record working patterns. A working pattern means you can record what days of the week the employee does and doesn't work, and accurately record…

  • Posting your salary journals automatically from Sage One Payroll

    If you have both Sage One Payroll and one of our Sage One Accounts products on the same account, your salary journals are automatically posted to your accounts package when you complete your pay run.

    You can also select the bank account from which the…

  • Pay run

    If you have Sage One Cashbook/ Accounts / Accounts Extra, when you process a pay run the salary transactions are automatically posted for you

  • P11 Report

    In Sage One Payroll you can run a P11 report to see your year to date figures for your employees

  • Paypath (Ireland only)

    To help save time and improve accuracy when paying your employees, you can use the Paypath option within Sage One Payroll.

    With Paypath, after you’ve updated your payroll you can create a single payment file for all of your employees which can then be…

  • Company Cars - Sage One Payroll

    I've just signed up for Sage One Payroll for my nanny.  I provide a company car but I can't see any option to add this as a taxable benefit in kind.  I really don't want to pay for Sage 50 Payroll or P11D for just one employee.