• Encryption


    My IT processes are being audited by an external auditor and I have to provide detail of encryption used on third party sites. Can anyone advise the encryption used on Sage Payroll encryption?

    For example Microsoft says about O365:

    We have multiple…

  • Sage Cloud Payroll P32 Error

    I've recently noticed a new line on my P32 called 'PAYE offset against NI Employment Allowance' - this is the 2nd line under PAYE values. After speaking to an advisor over the phone I've been informed that because I haven't submitted any EPS submissions…

  • New to Cloud Payroll

    Recently subscribed to Cloud Payroll and it is vastly different to the Sage 50 payroll I was expecting to see.  Can anyone tell me where I find

    - my license number, normally in Help, About but there is no About under Help.

    - how I set up a pay rate for…

  • Urgent help to migrate from HMRC Basic PAYE tools to Sage Payroll

    Can anyone help.

    I have exported from HMRC PAYE tools, do I just import into Sage?


    Where can i find my payroll id number from???? As my accountent is asking for it?

  • Sage Payroll for a company using SAGE 200

    What SAGE payroll package can i use with sage 200, company has around 1000 employees and does monthly payroll.

  • Departmental report for month

    I want to produce a monthly departmental report. I can only find a year to date one. I use another version of sage payroll and it has the report, any ideas please?

  • Problem payslip

    Hello , please send me all payslip in time. I don't have yet payslip for 08.02 payment.  I need in the pay date payslip online from you. One more think , you don't send email with confirmation code for my wife Raisa Gabriela .. she need to create a…

  • Reprint a report in Sage One Payroll

    If you forgot to print a report after processing your payroll in Sage One, you can reprint any reports you may need. You can retrieve these reports by opening the relevant completed pay run and selecting the required report.

  • problem with quickpay

    After processing this weeks payroll I was prompted to download something from Quickpay - so I pressed all the usual buttons and began download and installation.  Now everything I had has disappeared.  The shortcuts on the desktop don't work and I fear that…

  • Payroll Year End Procedure - is it affected by later entries?

    Hi There,


    I ran the payroll procedure for March 2017 and everything was fine.


    As I am coming up to this years procedure for payroll year end I have noticed when I processed the April 2017 payroll I entered it as February 2017 instead of April 2017.