Manage Pension File problem

I can't manage pension file - it's greyed out and there is a message saying "another export is already in progress, please wait for that to complete before attempting to submit this one".  I have reassigned the correct pension scheme to each employee, I've tried to edit payroll and nothing changes - I'm unable to select any of the options (I can't create the CSV file to upload on NEST Portal) and therefore can't confirm the pension data has been submitted for the payroll just completed.

Please help?


  • Hello,

    Thanks for contacting us using Sage City.

    It sounds like something is stuck in one of your previous pay runs, I would first of all go into payruns and check the status of the pension submissions prior to the one which is greyed out to see if there is an error message showing. It may however be best to contact us directly so we we can log in from our end to check this for you to see exactly what is holding this up. We are available 24/7 on 0191 479 5911 and we will be able to look over this for you to see why it is behaving in this way.

    Kind Regards