Sage One FPS Adjustment


I've processed my payroll using Sage One for August and submitted the FPS.

I've had to go back and make a change to one employee so I edited the Pay Run.  There doesn't seem to be a way of submitting a FPS adjustment.  The advice I've read on the help page just says carry on as normal and when I submit the FPS the following month the totals will agree.  IS this correct?

Also, which figure do I base my HMRC payment on?  The P32 report is still showing the totals from before I made the amendment.


  • Hi Karen,

    You would need to make the payment based on the P32 figures.  Your next P32 that is generated at the end of your next period will contain an adjustment that will reflect your correction.

    I hope this helps.

    Sage UKI

  • Hi

    Thanks for the replay about the P32.

    I've just started processing the payroll for September and Sage is posting through a "correction" as an additional payment on one employee's payslip (the same one I had to adjust last month).  I don't know the reason for this correction and I can't delete it!

    How do I find out why it's doing this???


  • Hi Karen,

    We have a help guide available here that will outline the circumstances in which a correction would appear.

    We also have guides on how to reverse a correction payment or deduction available on our Help Centre.

    If you still need help after this, just click getting in touch at the bottom of the help articles to find out the best way of contacting us.

    Sage UKI