Since MTD I can't see what my VAT return is going to be.



Similar question to another member.

I have authenticated Sage for MTD and submitted my return for the quarter ending Sept 2019.

If I now go in to run a report for the next quarter VAT liability (I used to be able to) it now contacts HMRC and then tells me a return is not due yet.

The previous post has mention of a 'save for later' function but I can't see one at all?


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    Hi There,

    Unfortunately when submitting via MTD, HMRC determine when it is due and what dates are due. This isn't a limitation of our software as this is based on legislation.

    The Save for Later button is available when you have clicked the Calculate button within the VAT Return screen and it pulls through the information for that period. 

    You will need to wait until the VAT return period so that you can run the report

    Thank you