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My company is non VAT registered so I'd like all transactions (purchases or sales) to default to No VAT on posting (default is 20%). Under Financial Settings there is a VAT section and default scheme is Standard. When I try to change this to Not Registered it says I have to submit a VAT return before changing schemes. Is there a way round this? 

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    Hi Jone,

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    Once you have started entering transactions on a given scheme, the software expects a VAT Return to be generated for those transactions before the scheme can be changed. If you're using Standard VAT in error and you should be set to not VAT Registered, you need to delete the transactions entered so far, change the scheme and then enter the transactions again.

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    Thanks Andy - do you know if I'd have to extract all transactions including the imported transactions (going back 2 years!) or just what I've done since going live - (we started only about 3 days ago with brought forward balances from the export (but the old data is there going back the couple of years). Happy to test once I find what I've entered myself. Cheers Jon

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    Actually Andy, I think I've sorted it. I went in and created a manual VAT return for the latest quarter (without sending to HMRC)  - this was blank except for one transaction I could exclude. I marked it as "submitted" and it's now allowed me to change the VAT scheme to non registered. Thank you.