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Hello all,

I am wanting to find a report to work out customer profit for the year using either average cost price or the actual cost price when stock put in to stock and then invoiced out.  Is there such a report ? or do all customer reports use the last cost price?  as this is not giving me a true profit figure.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.  - thank you

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    Hi Samantha,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    Just wanted to check, are you using Sage Accounting or Sage 50 Accounts?


    Sage UKI

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    Hi Andy,

    Sage 50 Accounts.  Have I posted on the wrong forum?

    I have actually posted again on sage 50 accounts genereal discussion asking if there is a report using actual cost price - as below


    Is there yet a customer product profit report that uses the actual cost price. As a manufacturer/ distributor we can have varied cost prices for the same product, so it would be better to run this report with the actual cost price.  The report that uses average cost price is not giving a true figure.

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    Hi Samantha,

    Yes, this forum is for Sage Accounting, a different product, but I can see your post on the 50 Accounts forum as well so hopefully the community will provide a response to that post.