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I read the article on Small Benefit Exemption Scheme and found it quiet good:

How to use the Small Benefit Exemption Scheme for your business - Sage Advice Ireland

However there was no advice on how best to handle its input in the Sage accounting software. 

What nominal codes are people using when adding it as an entry; either directly or when assigning it through the bank feed, also I know there is no VAT again I assume you select exempt?

These are practical questions that should have been covered in the Sage article and please don't bounce this back to my accountant or that wriggle out of and answer I got off Sage support. I am looking for a best advice opinion and I can make my own decision.

So best nominal code to use please? 


    Hi Andrew,

    When it comes to selecting nominal codes and VAT rates we at sage cannot advise you which to select as we're not trained accountants, but we are trained to support the software. We would always advise contacting ROS or your accountant in this situation as they would be able to provide you with the correct accounting advice. If you then need support on processing this into the system please do not hesitate to reach out for support with that.

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    Russell Henderson​
    Sage UKI

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    That'[s not correct. 1 obvious example is when I import the bank feed Sage auto assigns bank payments like my VAT return, PAYE to Revenue, net wages to a nominal of Sage's choosing by default I did not have to pick 1 (you have the choice of changing it if you like).

    I am just looking for similar here especially since there was such a comprehensive article provided on this scheme without the final important piece advising on how to handle it in Sage. 

    Can we go again this time with a better answer? 

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    Hi ,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    Apologies for any delay in responding to your query.

    In regards to nominal codes, my colleague above is correct, we don't have and we cannot advise on nominal codes in the program, you would need to consult with an accountant on this.

    Some postings do go to some default codes in the system as you have advised, such as payroll postings and Vat postings and bank transactions may select a code when importing but you still need to create the transactions and confirm these are being posted to the correct codes, the automatic postings to nominal codes are chosen by our developers to go to these defaults, outside of the automatic postings we are unable to advise on which nominal codes to use.

    Our help guides our help center do provide some examples for transactions/journals, however outside of these examples in our knowledgebase, we are unable to advise.
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    Ok I have asked for advice accepting disclaimers on that advice, even best guess; no direct decent answer.

    I have called Sage out on there position correctly; that the program does assign nominals to many transactions without any need to consult an accountant, lawyer or taxation official however no relenting on providing an answer.

    Anyway its clear Sage support has an entrenched position to my question that it is not budging on, despite all the evidence I provided of cases where the program does indeed assign automatic nominals against transactions. 

    Forget about it your not answering it and of no use to me on this topic.  Close it under protest. 

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    Hi Andrew,

    I'm sorry for the frustration this is causing, as my colleagues suggest there are certain established default nominal codes the software uses for a number of different types of transaction but there will always be areas where the required nominal code has to be decided by the software user or their accountant to ensure that the values appear in the right area of the management reports for the organisation. In these circumstances, we would always suggest confirming this with your accountant.

    If I can maybe add a little more light for this example... I would suggest that this is an overhead for the business and therefore should appear in the overheads section. If you linked Sage Payroll to Sage Accounting then the value would transfer to nominal code 7000 by default. However, you may wish to report on the value separately in which case creating a different nominal code in the overheads section may be a more desirable alternative.

    I hope this post is helpful.


    Sage UKI