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I'm new to Sage One & bank feed, I've used Sage 50 in the past and have been given the task of sorting out some accounts that haven't been done for 2 years. I've managed to match up a lot of the transactions but I have 69 that I need to get receipts and info for. 

How do I print out these 69 transactions to show my boss the info I need? I've tried to do it direct from bank feed page but its going to take over 30 odd pages and I don't need a lot of the info that's supplied with it. 

Many thanks for any help.


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    Hi Janet/Liz,

    Thanks for your post to Sage City. 

    I'm afraid it's not currently possible to print out transactions directly from the bank feed, although you could right click and print the browser page as a work around. Alternatively, I would suggest printing your bank statements and reviewing the transactions that way instead - if possible. 

    Finally, I would encourage voting for this idea on our customer ideas board so that our developers can review this feature and consider adding it to Sage Accounting. Here's a link to the idea that another user has already shared to our hub regarding this idea: Ideas Hub Link >

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