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    We’re pioneering the first ever SME peer-to-peer customer service programme – so you can share your expertise with fellow Sage Business Cloud Accounting users, and get paid for your knowledge! Earn on the…

  • Switching between multiple Contacts within a single customer when creating Quotes and Invoices

    When creating quotes and Invoices we regularly need to switch between customer contacts to ensure that the correct name appears on the invoice. This is usually for larger organisations where the cost centre is the same but the department or person requesting…

  • Uninstall sage software

    I've handed over my sage responsibilities, and need to uninstall sage from my pc. Windows uninstall not working, errors 1921 and 1603. Can anyone help please? Thanks 

  • Whom should I contact in case of no response from Account Manager

    Hi All,

    Can someone let me know who is the right department/person to raise the complaint/issue if account manager is not responding since long. Even on helpline no one is telling this thing. Also, i want to know whom I should contact for my grievances…

  • Sub account

    Hi Sage city!

    I want to know, How do I create a sub-account in sage online?

  • New customer problem

    Hi. I have signed up today and thought I was doing OK. But somewhere I have messed everything up. Is it possible to reset everything to zero so that I can start again?


  • Sage Q&A Live for life

    We Are Here For You

    There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, but one thing is certain; Our Triple Award-nominated support channel is still your go-to place for help and advice. We understand that the way people work has adapted, and you…

  • Bank Rec question!

    So sat stressed out of my mind doing the recs month by month for EOY. Came to August and have managed to somehow set the date for Aug 2020 without realising. So now my bank rec screen looks like this

    Statement Date Reconciled By Reference Starting…
  • Slow?

    Hi everyone,

    We've just found out that Sage Business Cloud Accounting has a major design flaw... it can't cope with "large" amounts of data.

    Over the past few months the software has been running slower and slower, it now takes around…

  • Match from bank feed against invoice when full payment not made

    I created an invoice and the customer has made a partial payment. From the imported bank transactions i have attempted to match against the sales invoice. While I can locate it and make the initial match i cannot complete the process due to the unallocated…

  • User experience - Sage support

    I have been trying to get support for a fault with Sage Business Cloud for some months and having started a dialogue via email. I got to a point where getting the responses were getting  us nowhere. The support staff seemed not to understand or professed…

  • Bank Feed


    We're having trouble connecting our bank feed.

    We had it connected a year or so ago but there was a technical issue and it disconnected. We've since tried to re-connect by selecting our bank and account type, but upon clicking continue on the…

  • Support - lack of

    Am I the only one suffering from appallingly slow response times to email support requests?  Response is anything between a week and a month.  All I want is to change the owner of the account.  How difficult can that be?  Currently unresolved after 12 weeks…

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    We’re holding live drop-in Q&A sessions, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, where you can put your questions to us online…

  • Connecting Banking to Sage Cloud

    Hi All

    Have just purchased Sage cloud accounting and trying to set up the bank account. I have an error message telling me my detail have been used in a trial account. How do i reset the banking to connect to the purchased software?

    Many thanks

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  • What you're asking us - FAQs for Sage One

    If you need help with your Sage One software, take a look at this page.  It shows the most frequently asked questions and links through to the main support pages.

    Video Centre - our short videos show you how to set up your business and account settings…

  • Printing Purchase Invoices

    Hi.  Our business needs to provide self billing invoices to our contractors but although I can enter the details of hours worked etc I can't seem to find out how to print this purchase invoice with all the lines shown.  Is this possible?

  • how to create a new purchase account(supplier) that link to a specific payable account(with more than one account payable)?

    In the system, I created more than one account payable. Some suppliers should link to certain account payable. But I couldn't find where to change the setting, the default payable account is still the previous one.