• Automate Customer account

    Hi All,

    We are a small UK SME running Sage one/accounting, and i am looking to automate a lot of our account setups and would like to know if anyone else has been successful.

    an example would be, I would like to send a new client a digital account form…

  • Sub account

    Hi Sage city!

    I want to know, How do I create a sub-account in sage online?

  • Sage Business Cloud - Journal Upload

    I can see I can import purchase and sales transactions in the Sales ledger and Purchase ledger sections.

    How do you import a journal into Sage Business Cloud - has this function been developed yet?

    If not, why not??

    I needed to do a prepayment and accruals…

  • Sage One Accounting Aged Creditor do not match trial balance


    I have a balance in account 2100 - Purchase Invoices not paid, however this balance does not appear in my trial balance. A payment was made but after the year end.and the balance should show as outstanding.

    Please could someone advise how I am able…

  • Why is it so difficult to close my account?

    I would like to close my Sage Accounting subscription. This is not possible from within the app. The app says you have to call to cancel. The number listed is not the right number. When I find the correct number I sit in a phone queue during my lunch…

  • Please anyone How I Include the nominal accounts in the reports


  • Match from bank feed against invoice when full payment not made

    I created an invoice and the customer has made a partial payment. From the imported bank transactions i have attempted to match against the sales invoice. While I can locate it and make the initial match i cannot complete the process due to the unallocated…

  • Profit Analysis Report for Sales Invoices

    Hello I need to be able to add the Department field to the Profit Analysis Report for Sales Invoices in Sage One. I have created all the departments in the Product and Services Field but don't seem to be able to report on this. Can someone help and advise…

  • Query re VAT deregistration

    We deregistered for VAT on 29th June and submitted a final VAT return.  I have tried to amend our VAT details to "Not Registered" but keep getting a warning stating 

    • You must submit a VAT return before changing tax scheme

    I have followed the…

  • Bank Feed


    We're having trouble connecting our bank feed.

    We had it connected a year or so ago but there was a technical issue and it disconnected. We've since tried to re-connect by selecting our bank and account type, but upon clicking continue on the…

  • Bank Feed & Bank Account Balance don't match


    I have been using sage accounting since setting my business up in Oct last year. Its been a very busy few months so have only just managed to catch up on matching all my bank feed entries, with items in sage, payments, invoices etc. So I have now completed…

  • S458 Relief


    How do I enter receipt of tax refund due to S458 relief on tax paid on a Director's loan please?

    Can provide more info if needed.


  • Import Eu sales invoices


    We need to import all our sales orders from our online shop software -opencart and we can do this with csv file but it will not allow the import of b2b Eu cross boarder orders. Is there any way these Eu sales invoices can be imported? 

    So I can do a…

  • Making Tax Digital checklist

    Most businesses are now eligible to join HMRC's Making Tax Digital (MTD) open pilot. If you use Sage Business Cloud Accounting and you haven't signed up for MTD yet,  our MTD checklist can help you make the switch.

    View the MTD checklist >

  • Bespoke training for Making Tax Digital

    The impact of Making Tax Digital (MTD) will vary from businesses to business. If you normally submit your VAT Returns direct from your software, then very little will change. Alternatively, if you currently submit your VAT Returns via the Government Gateway…

  • Is Sage One MTD compatible?

    Is Sage One MTD compatible?

  • Record a batch payment

    If you receive a payment from a customer or make a payment to a supplier that covers more than one invoice, you can record a batch payment against these invoices. From your invoice window, simply select the invoices that you want to pay.

  • Check out our new Sage One support videos

    Have you taken a look at the Sage One support page?  It's full of information, frequently asked questions and videos. Take a look here


  • What you're asking us - FAQs for Sage One

    If you need help with your Sage One software, take a look at this page.  It shows the most frequently asked questions and links through to the main support pages.

    Video Centre - our short videos show you how to set up your business and account settings…

  • Printing Purchase Invoices

    Hi.  Our business needs to provide self billing invoices to our contractors but although I can enter the details of hours worked etc I can't seem to find out how to print this purchase invoice with all the lines shown.  Is this possible?

  • I've not worked on my accounts for a few weeks and now I cant find anything other than my log in. I'm assuming its because of the latest update. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

    lost accounts

  • Bank Unreconciled Transactions

    My Bank Unreconciled Transactions enquiry show a large number of transactions, however, when I go to my Bank Account and review, there are no transactions to reconcile. Consequently, I have a large negative balance on my bank account, according to Sage…

  • Journal entries for council rates

    Probably an obvious question but Im still getting to grips with some of the entries!

    Our business owes rates eg 1,000 per annum, to the local council and pays part of this on a monthly basis but I'm not 100% sure of the correct journal entries.

  • Importing customers where there maybe duplicates

    I run an ecommerce busineses and have been using Sage 50 Accounts for many years. Each week I am able to export a list of transactions for my weekly sales and import these directly into Sage 50. 

    After discussion with my Accountant it was recommended that…

  • Sage one - How do I import bank transactions after connecting to my bank?

    In Sage One (Accounting) online I have connected the bank account, and new transactions are showing. I used to import them through an OFX file downloaded from the bank, then use 'Import Statement' as on this page: Sage Help.

    Now I have connected…